On this week's podcast, Jason Canapp of Beacon Veterinary Specialists and I discuss changing the customer experience in Emergency Animal Care. 

His team strives to bring the compassion and empathy that can get buried within procedures to the foreground. There is nothing worse as a pet owner to have your pet in a crisis, and you are separated from them while filling out paperwork and paying deposits before care can begin. Jason's team is turning that situation on its head. The pet and owner BOTH go to the back and begin treatment, giving the owner the ability to see how hard the team is trying to help the pet and understand what could be needed. People are more inclined to take your advice and follow your instructions if you build trust through transparency and understanding.

Jason's veterinary businesses have experienced an ROI through the bottom line and witnessed an increase in referrals and fantastic customer reviews online. Even when the outcome is not as anyone hoped, you show respect for the customer if the situation is handled with openness, caring, and compassion. Your reward will be customer loyalty and gratitude.

You can apply these strategies to any business that interacts with clients regularly. Be open, kind, compassionate and genuinely show you care. The sales will take care of themselves.

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@jacanapp on Instagram