We, as business owners, are being given a gift currently. I know that seems like a harsh sentence to swallow, but it is true. The gift I speak of is time. Now for you, that might mean 15 mins a day or maybe hours a day, but while the country is adhering to shut down because of this awful virus, we are receiving the gift of time. Our previous workdays may have been rushed, making decisions on the fly. Sometimes without the benefit of time to consider all the choices in front of you.

You now have that time, whatever it looks like for you. Are you using it to not only plan your current messaging to your clients and team but also to put together your plan for after this crisis passes?

Being able to take the time to plan your proper after-action messaging that will help you rebuild your business is a gift you may never get again as a business owner. It's important to be ready for the pivot of business after this shutdown. Companies can't, nor shouldn't, go back to how they operated before this crisis. This virus has forever changed the world around us, and to survive this change, you must be ready for the pivot.

The most important thing to plan out is your messaging. Upon the gradual exit of this crisis, you will need a three-tiered approach to your new messaging style.

First: Plan the messaging to your team. Make sure the team knows you are in the trenches with them, and together, everyone will rise again.

Second: This area is the messaging to your customers. Again, it will be pivotal that you let them know how much you care about them, appreciate them staying loyal by supporting you, and how you plan to earn that trust every day.

Third: This is the slow and steady messaging of growth, hope, and prosperity. We will grow in our successes. We want to foster hope and confidence in each other and the world around us. And we want everyone to know, like generations before us; the world will prosper again if we all stand together, ready to rebuild with care and compassion.

So are you using this gift of time to prepare your messaging strategy for the future, or will you revert to previous practices? The choice is yours! The world lies in quiet wait, to see what you choose.