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Stay in Your Lane

There seems to be a current trend when businesses see a decline in sales, to diversify and start carrying items that have nothing to do with their brand.Electronics stores are now selling household cleaners and beauty products. Jewelry stores are now adding snack foods. I am starting to see the strangest combinations of products, while some companies are even trying to stock products from every category in hopes that you find at least one item to purchase.

I am here to say, "stay in your lane." Seriously folks, have you stopped believing in your brand?You got into business to showcase your brand, your uniqueness, and your products.Stop trying to be all things, to all people. Be you, the best you possible. Trying to see if the consumer who enters your store might want a shampoo with their television purchase is just bad business in the sense that you are diluting your brand and confusing people what you are all about. I am not talking about complimenting services or products here. I am speaking about a total departure from your brand.

Today's consumer is looking for simple and clear marketing. They want to have a clear understanding of your brand before deciding whether or not they want to support it. There are so many other ways to increase your sales and drive brand loyalty. Have you tried adding a survey to your sales receipts to find out the customers views on the experience they just had? Perhaps putting a focus group together of your target market, will reap some understanding of where the gaps are? You first have to know why things have changed before you can establish a clear path to get things back on track. Adding different product mixes that have nothing to do with the brand, will only murky the waters and you will be no closer to finding out what the core issues are.

Perhaps your customers are looking for more personalized interactions with your team? The problem could be a simple one like you stopped adding price tags to your items. In turn, they feel unable to make an educated purchase. It is important to have a clear understanding of what went awry in order to correct it. So, stay loyal to your concept and listen to what changes need to be made. Be proud of your store and what you offer the world. Remember your why! Why did you think the world needed your brand in the first place?

Only after having all the facts, will you be able to create an action to put your team and brand back on the highway of success. Don't be afraid to ask for help, for opinions and make the right choices to move you forward. Offer your team retraining. Get them energized again to deliver the best experience possible. Have them become experts with your product line.Do whatever it takes.

Your lane of success is right in front you, hug the turns tight and accelerate into the future. Staying in your lane could give you the ride of your life!

How are you using this gift of time?


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Saturday, 23 October 2021

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