Customer Perception Strategist
Customer Perception Strategist

Teaching Companies Customer Focus, to Drive Sales & Increase Brand Loyalty


Strategies to Increase Sales and Brand Perception


Strategic Planning for your brand.
We evaluate your needs to unleash areas of potential growth to increase sales!


In person or digitally, we deliver customer focused training that will increase sales and build brand loyalty. It's what we do!


Awaken the spirit within your team... Tacey will motivate. inspire and energize your team to the next level of success!

Tacey’s knowledge of the retail market is outstanding. Our school is richer for having her even for a limited time. If you’re looking for “good”, then Tacey isn’t for you. If you’d prefer a lightning rod of brand spirit, product knowledge, selfless dedication and customer service, then you’ve got the right woman with her.
D. Sawchuk
Department of Radio and Television
Tacey was amazing. She taught us how to do reports to become more efficient, how to best calculate margins while meeting and exceeding ROI’s with unique strategies that also kept our vendors accountable. Her ability to address and resolve complaints, her enthusiasm and dedication were all essential in leading our team to continued success.
K. Perry
Branch and Council Administrator for the Northern Alberta Development Council
I feel strongly that welcoming Tacey’s passion, collegiality and self-motivation would be a benefit to your teams success. She has facilitated product roll-outs, while consistently responding to inquiries in a timely manner and was always professional, courteous and kind.
Interactive Media Developer
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