Collaborate with Tacey to Create Magical Customer Experiences

Strategic Planning

Through Customer Service Audits and Customer Journey Mapping, Tacey will audit your current customer experience, then collaborate, customize and create a Magical Customer Experience to increase sales and lower employee attrition.

Training Programs

Utilizing Tacey’s Leadership CAKE™ Training Program, leaders will be inspired to create a Magical Culture of empowerment & relationship building to drive productivity, engagement and change.


Customer-Facing Teams will leave their CAKE™ training program with practical tools to build relationships with your customers and create Magical Customer Experiences.

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Speaking Engagements

Whether IN-PERSON or VIRTUALLY, Tacey delivers interactive workshops or keynote messages. Tacey’s enthusiasm & energy will inspire and ignite your team into action that will transform both themselves and your business.

Here’s a Taste of some of Tacey’s Topics

  • Become MagicMakers
  • Live in the WOW
  • Throw CAKE In Their Face

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