Collaborate with Tacey to Create Magical Customer Experiences

Strategic Planning

Customer Service Audit: 10-Stage Audit analyzing both your internal & external systems to pinpoint areas of opportunity.

Customer Journey Mapping: Mapping out your customer’s journey from approach to exit, including your online presence.

We’ll utilize these tools, your company vision & goals, and together develop a plan to enhance & expand all customer experiences, creating a customer-centric culture from the inside/out.

Training Programs

Leadership CAKE™ Program: Through relationship-building, Leaders will learn how to drive Productivity, Engagement, and Change.

Team CAKE™ Program: Customer-Facing Teams gain practical tools for creating Magical Customer Experiences.

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Speaking Engagements

Virtual & In-Person
We’ll inspire and ignite your team into actions that will transform them and in turn your business.

Here’s a Taste of some of Tacey’s Topics

  • Become MagicMakers
  • Live in the WOW
  • Throw CAKE In Their Face

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