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The Roots of Customer-Centricity Run Deep for Me!

My father was such a massive influence on my life. He instilled his work ethic and people skills in me at a young age. From the time I could walk, he would take me to work with him; he was a serial entrepreneur and had many businesses, from restaurants to grocery stores and even a campground. No matter which of his business successes you look at, they were all based around relationship building. To him, nothing was more important than for customers to feel like friends through respect, caring and listening. That is an art form I have made my mission to reignite in the business world.


I’ll always remember this recipe card box he had at our restaurant under the lunch counter. The cards held everything he would learn about each customer; name, family status, birthdate, pet, employment, favourite foods, and even the smallest detail like how they took their coffee. I could barely see over the counter when we first opened the business, but I would watch him when someone pulled up outside the bay window, quickly squat down, and glance over their card to prepare to greet the incoming customer with familiarity. At closing time, he showed me daily how he valued that box over the cash box, as the cards came home with us because he said, “This information is far more valuable to our business than the money.” 


Over 50 years later, these relationship-building skills have served me well, and I thank him for instilling them in me at an early age. I witnessed time and time again how with our restaurant, people would drive from miles around to sit at the lunch counter with him, order a piece of the house specialty, Lemon Meringue Pie, and listen to him recount stories about people, places and experiences they shared. I would sit to the side, soaking in the conversation’s faces, expressions, and tones. Everyone respected him, and so did I. It had nothing to do with the pie; they came because he made them feel valued, respected and cared about. I have made it my mission to restore that level of customer experience within the retail & hospitality worlds. People deserve that kindness, caring and respect for employees and customers alike. 


Let’s work together to create that Magic for your business that will drive that type of brand loyalty for you.


In addition to these services, Tacey also hosts a weekly podcast. The Customer’s First podcast engages in customer-centric conversations with industry experts from multiple business areas to discuss strategies to deliver magical customer experiences.

Tacey graduated from Food & Beverage Management and spent over 35 years honing her customer service skills in the retail & hospitality industries. She has worked with companies like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Build-A-Bear, Great Wolf Lodge and Brock University.

I believe that we, as citizens of this planet, have a responsibility to preserve it and reverse the damage that we humans have created. We need to clean the oceans & save the Boreal Forests, for without them, we too, will cease to exist.

Each of us can make a difference, even in small ways, so a portion of my personal time and/or income will go towards the following to do my part in the current conservation efforts.

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" Be the change you wish to see in the world... "
Mahatma Ghandi

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