Exciting Announcements about Customers First, You’ll want to mark Jan. 22nd, 2023 on Your Calendar!

The last couple of years have brought about some amazing changes for all of us. Customers First has as well.

“I recently relocated to the Halifax area to fulfill a promise I made to my late father. I promised that I would establish my business and give back to the community he loved,” said CEO and founder, Tacey Atkinson. “He has been the inspiration for Customer’s First. He instilled in me at an early age, how important customer relationships are to businesses and their communities.”

Join Tacey for this solo episode as she discusses exciting announcements regarding everything, Customers First.

The mission of Customer’s First is “Curating Customer-Centric Cultures to increase customer loyalty and decrease employee attrition.” It does this through its strategic planning, leader and team trainings, and speaking engagements. With over 35 years of management experience in customer service industries, Customer’s First CEO Tacey Atkinson has developed her fun and interactive training program, CAKE™, to boost engagement and create lasting brand loyalty. Tacey’s speaking engagements deliver fun, powerful presentations to company teams.

The brand is getting a new look everywhere; the podcast is getting a new format, and the new website also launches on January 22nd. 

Tune in to Tacey explaining the changes and what’s in store for the future of Customers First.

We hope you continue tuning in; the best is on the road ahead.

You can contact Tacey on social media; all platforms are @taceyatkinson or at the website www.taceyatkinson.com, where we hope you’ll check out the new site on January 22nd. 

Thanks for tuning in.
Customers First: Today, Tomorrow, Always.
Until next time.

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