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Standing Out From Your Competition with Special Guest Patrick Kagen

Join Tacey and her special guest, Author, Podcast Host and President/owner of PK Solutions Group, Patrick Kagen.

Today’s topic is: “Standing Out From Your Competition.”

Patrick shares his 8 Key Ingredients needed to differentiate yourself from your competitors to your customers.

  1.  Develop and understand, in detail, the client’s problems – often, the client thinks they know the problem, but what they know is the symptom of the situation they are experiencing.
  2. Understand the TOTAL VALUE of the solutions you bring the client – this happens not from knowing your product line in detail as much as it comes from knowing and understanding the client problems within the client operations and then knowing what the actual costs are that stem from that problem.
  3. Be CONFIDENT in stating the problem as you have discovered it, especially when the client has not, or does not see it – this is the core of differentiation – seeing what others do not see and confidently quantifying the cost of its continued existence.
  4. Be clear about the difference between the solution’s price and the cost of not implementing the solution. 
  5. Know your Ideal Client. Predetermine what your ideal client looks like and behaves like. Find that ideal client, and you will begin to sell from the buyer’s perspective.
  6. Speak Value, NOT PRICE. Your client buys the value of what you offer, and the value to an intelligent buyer is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
  7. DEMONSTRATE YOUR DIFFERENTIATORS. Words can be deceiving, but actions are irrefutable. 
  8. Once you have demonstrated your differentiators, then SPEAK TO THEM, AND WRAP THEM IN VALUE – nothing eliminates buyer remorse more than starting with the absolute correct solution to existing problems, but only you saw them. Feel free to point out that any answer other than yours allows the issues to continue and erode the customer’s operations.

Differentiation is what the most intelligent buyers rely on. Differentiation is not a logo, slogan, or brand. But when you properly differentiate, you become the brand, the option the client has searched for, and you become a reliable resource while all others are simply making a pitch.

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Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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