“Be Different or Be Dead” with special Guest, Roy Osing

Join Tacey and her Special Guest, 40 Year Executive Leadership, Entrepreneur and Author, Roy Osing.

Today’s topic is “Be Different or Be Dead.”

Roy discusses the importance of breaking out of the “sameness” that business have excepted as the norm and standing out to be the ONLY ONE doing……(fill in the blank). We discuss practical ways to make that happen and touch on some of the points from Roy’s many books.

Timestamp: 01:22: Roy’s Story

Timestamp: 06:20: Be Different or Be Dead conception

Timestamp: 13:47: Audacious

Roy’s Contact Information:

Website: https://www.bedifferentorbedead.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/royosing/


Tacey’s Contact Information:


Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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