How High Performing Teams use Trust to Build Relationships with Special Guest Natalie Doyle Oldfield

Welcome back, Magic Makers, to the Customer’s First Podcast. I’m Tacey Atkinson, your host and customer experience curator. 

In this episode, we welcomed Natalie Doyle-Oldfield, holder of a Masters in Communication, entrepreneur, author, and a 2023 nominee for the RBC Canadian Women’s Entrepreneur Award, to the boardroom.

Natalie shared her fascinating journey with us, detailing her transition from marketing roles in the IT industry to founding her company, Successory Trust. She highlighted the importance of customer research and her experience taking on sales responsibilities during the 2008 market crash. Natalie’s curiosity about how customers decide to buy led her to pursue a master’s degree and conduct extensive research on trust in business-to-business environments.

She introduced us to her proprietary framework for building, managing, and protecting trust based on science and evidence. Natalie’s approach has been tested with a large sample size and has proven to increase referral rates, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

We delved into the science of trust and ways to measure it through tools like the Client Trust Index, which provides companies with a quantifiable trust equity score. Natalie emphasized that trust is a learnable skill and shared how her training programs help individuals become trusted advisors by focusing on communication, behaviour, and service.

Natalie also discussed the business case for trust, noting that high trust within an organization leads to increased engagement, innovation, and retention. Externally, trust drives customer referrals and loyalty, with people willing to pay more for products and services from companies they trust.

We touched on the importance of building trust within the industry and community, and Natalie stressed that trust is built through consistent, reliable interactions. She shared a personal anecdote about the impact of a trusted barista on her coffee shop visits, illustrating the power of individual contributions to a company’s trustworthiness.

In our “Spill the Tea” segment, Natalie revealed her love for magic shows, described herself as passionate, and shared that her family is what excites her most about life.

To wrap up, Natalie offered listeners a practical step to assess their team’s trustworthiness with a downloadable checklist available on her website. She left us with the empowering message that every company has the potential to become the most trusted in their industry.

Thank you, Natalie, for joining us and sharing your expertise on trust. To our listeners, remember to check the show notes for links to Natalie’s assessment, book, website, and LinkedIn profile. Remember to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast for more customer-centric conversations.


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