Building a Culture of Trust with special guest Doug Thorpe

Join Tacey and this week’s special guest on the Customers First Podcast, Doug Thorpe, an accomplished executive coach and business advisor, for today’s topic: “Building a Culture of Trust.”

The episode is a must-listen for those interested in building a culture of trust in their organizations. Doug shares some incredible insights on how servant leadership can significantly impact organizations. 

The conversation starts with creating an environment where questions are valued and answered. Doug also emphasizes the importance of communicating the purpose and vision of your team to establish trust. 

He then talks about The Five Cs of a Trusted Leader: Commitment, Connection, Compassion, Consistency, and Competency. He explains how these five C’s can help leaders build trust in their teams and create a culture of accountability. Doug shares some great stories and personal anecdotes to illustrate why compassion and understanding are essential in leadership. He also talks about how new leaders can overcome common mistakes and the importance of asking for help. 

Towards the end of the podcast, Doug shares some fun personal anecdotes about his life and involvement in a business opportunity disrupting the business broker space. The episode concludes with a call to action for more leadership in the world, some ways to interact with the show, and the show notes with Doug’s contact information and other related links. 

This episode has incredible insights, stories, and tips to help you become a better leader. Remember to rate and review the podcast, and stay tuned for more awesome episodes.

Timestamp: 03:18: Doug’s Story

Timestamp: 12:16: The 5 C’s of a Trusted Leader 

Timestamp: 37:38: Inspiring Leadership Tips 

Timestamp: 41:00: Spill the Tea

Doug’s Contact Information:


LinkedIn: @DougThorpe

Instagram: @dougthorpe_com

Tacey’s Contact Information:

Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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