Rise to Your Potential with Special Guest Nick Hutchison

In this episode, Tacey Atkinson welcomes Nick Hutchison, the visionary force behind BookThinkers, to discuss the importance of reading and how it can serve our future selves.

They begin by sharing their favourite books and experiences that have influenced their mindset and approach to life. Nick emphasizes the value of prioritizing reading and shares strategies for fitting it into our busy schedules. He suggests replacing low-impact activities like scrolling on social media or watching Netflix with just 15 minutes of reading each day. By doing so, we can read a book every month and benefit from the wisdom and knowledge contained within.

Nick also highlights the power of delaying gratification and setting goals before reading a book, focusing on actionable steps rather than consuming information passively. He recommends note-taking to internalize and implement the lessons learned from books.

The conversation also explores the benefits of reading for attention span, focus, and personal growth in a world dominated by instant gratification. Tacey and Nick discuss the importance of intention and goal-setting, sharing examples of how they apply these practices to their reading experiences.

They touch on the significance of feedback and gratitude and the impact that content creators can have on others’ lives. 


0:03:06 Nick’s Journey: From Non-Reader to Book Enthusiast
0:06:27 Nick’s Goal: Helping Readers Take Action on What They Read
0:09:51 Overcoming Challenges: Consistency in Implementing What You Learn
0:11:40 Swapping Scrolling for Reading: The Power of 15 Minutes
0:14:26 Serving Your Future Self: Delaying Gratification and Avoiding Regrets
0:19:01 Changing Practices: From Memorization to Action
0:22:14 Improving Customer Service and Taking Action

Nick’s Contact Information:

Website: https://nickhutch.com

Instagram: @bookthinkers

Tacey’s Contact Information:


Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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