Tacey Atkinson and Kyle McDowell discuss the 10 principles for building and sustaining a culture of excellence

10 Principles for Building & Sustaining a Culture of Excellence: with Kyle McDowell

Join Tacey and her special guest, Kyle McDowell; Kyle is an author, speaker, and leadership coach with nearly three decades of experience leading tens of thousands of employees at some of the biggest companies in the United States. Kyle is widely known for his aspiring and inspiring approaches to transforming bosses into leaders and reshaping corporate cultures.

In this episode of the Customer’s First Podcast, our special guest, Kyle McDowell, author, speaker, and leadership coach, shares his journey in the corporate world and how he found himself leading purpose-driven organizations. Kyle discusses his realization that the corporate environments he helped create had become toxic and dysfunctional, which led him to step away and seek a different path. He talks about formulating ten principles that start with the word “we,” which ultimately changed his life trajectory and significantly impacted many leaders.

Kyle then dives into his experiences leading onshore and offshore teams, particularly in the call center industry. He highlights the cultural differences between the US and outsourcing locations and emphasizes the importance of being relatable and trustworthy as a leader. He shares that achieving excellence regardless of where you’re from or what language you speak doesn’t matter as long as you care for your people and deliver excellent service.

The conversation then shifts to Kyle’s core principles for his strategy. He emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing, leading by example, following through on commitments, and owning mistakes. Kyle believes mistakes are valuable learning opportunities and that lifting each other and supporting one another in the work environment is crucial.

Next, Kyle discusses the need to invest in the growth and development of employees, even if they see their current role as a stepping stone. He stresses the importance of understanding their motivations and supporting their journey to create a positive work environment.

The episode also touches on the significance of measuring outcomes rather than activity and the need to align actions with goals and objectives. Furthermore, the conversation delves into recognizing and rewarding efficiency and the value of challenging one another in a culture of excellence. Kyle believes that challenges present opportunities for improvement and that attention to detail separates organizations from their competition. Kyle highlights the fulfilling nature of this work and the need to work together and support one another to create a better world.


0:09:57 Investing in Relationships for High Returns

0:13:37 Principle 1: Doing the Right Thing

0:19:16 Taking Action: Improving Employee and Customer Experiences

0:22:27 Supporting Each Other: Picking Each Other Up

0:27:03 Outcome-driven: Measuring Success by Results, not Activity

0:36:44 Obsessing Over Details: A False Sense of Focus


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