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Different things motivate each of us. Do you know what motivates each member of your team?

It is your job to build your relationship with each of them to the point where you not only know but understand what drives them, makes them light up, and motivates them.

To some, it may be money, but 82% of employees surveyed say workplace culture and being rewarded for a job well done is more important than their base salary.

For some, it could tickets to a concert or sporting event of their favourite group/team. To some, it may be an extra day off. Something as simple as a card with a handwritten message of gratitude for all they do.

You need to find that thing that lights them up to stir their soul into overdrive. Because they will never be as passionate about your business if they don’t think you care about the fantastic job they are doing.

I had a boss in my early 20’s (I am 60 now) that I mentioned in passing that I loved Swarovski crystal. I didn’t have any of their pieces, but I hoped to one day. One day, while working for his franchise, for no reason in particular, a box showed up on my desk with a card that said, “I see all you do. Thank you for being exceptional” Inside the box was a small Swarovski cat. I cried. The card touched me as much as the gesture. I have moved nearly 30 times since that day, and that cat has been cherished and guarded with each move and still gets a place of honour in my home.

What you do, does matter to your team. And how they feel needs to matter to you. Love your team so they, in turn, love your customers. It is how you build a customer-centric culture from the inside. And you can not do this alone. There is a trickle-down effect here. Appreciate your leaders; they, in turn, need to appreciate their teams so they can show that appreciation to the customer.

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