Clear, Concise Messaging Everywhere with Special Guest Amy Kehs, Owner of Kehs Communications

Join Tacey and special guest, Customers First alum, PR  Expert Amy Kehs as they discuss the important of clear, concise and consistent messaging across the board. 

They delve into the importance of regular messaging audits to be sure your words are consistent on all the platforms you interact with.  The potential and existing customer will walk away if you confuse them with your words. Make them the hero of your story and how you are unique to help them.

Amy updates us on where her business is headed and how that has affected her messaging as well as, she discusses how she lead Customers First in the PR aspect of the brand refresh they just under went.

Amy shares tips to help you drive your message over the finish line to your customers along with a gift, a pdf: How to Create Authentic Messaging That Sells,  which can be found here:

Amy’s website:

Thank you for tuning in and Tacey looks forward to sitting down to more valuable conversations together in the future.


Customer-Centric Cultures Create Magical Customer Experiences.

Now go Spread the Magic!

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