Who is watching you?

Who is watching you?

Yes, who is watching you? Not in a creepy way, just paying attention to your actions. Do you know the answer?

The reply is EVERYONE!

From your family and friends to your team, competitors to potential customers. In today’s marketplace, the world is watching.

Do you consider that in your daily life? Let me put this into a popular culture context to visualize what I mean. Do you think that celebrities think before they leave the house, “someone will see me, the way I look, where I am going, how I act”? Some consciously consider those before they leave home. Some make adjustments, and some don’t care. The ones that try to build a positive brand presence do care.

I am a big supporter of having a mirror at your front door. Take a quick look and ask yourself, “if someone took a picture of me right now and posted it on social media, would I be OK with that?” If you can’t answer yes and want to protect your brand, consider changing what you need to answer yes. This thought process is challenging. I often think, “I am just going to sneak to the mailbox, and no one will see me” Let me tell you, SOMEONE always sees me.

And at work, your leaders and front-line teams are paying attention to your actions. Are you preaching one behaviour and performing the opposite? You must lead the culture in a genuine, authentic way, or no one will want to follow you, no matter where you are heading.

Your message is heard internally, externally, and now by the world. Be consistent and clear in your mission and heart; it will shine through to your team, and you will all carry that light to the world. Then it won’t matter who’s watching.

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