Know Your Numbers, Know Your Business. with Special Guest Mary Ellen Mansfield

Join Tacey and her Special Guest, Mary Ellen Mansfield as they discuss the importance of knowing your financials to know and understand your business.


Mary Ellen has 25 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience, primarily in Higher and K-12 Education. Throughout those years she focused on serving her internal customers (professors, teachers, coaches) by demystifying financial information and taking the stress out of monitoring the department budget. She understands that not everyone is comfortable handling numbers and provides a no judgement approach to all conversations.

Four years ago Mary Ellen established her own bookkeeping business as a side hustle and has been nurturing that effort while still working full time. As she moves more fully into her Natural Accountant LLC, bookkeeping business, she brings that same non judgemental approach to her new, solopreneur clients.



01:39: Mary Ellen’s Story

08:42: Understanding Your Business’ Numbers and Financial Health

15:57: Tips for Entrepreneuers to Stay on Track

17:45: Things to Avoid in Business

22:20: Mary Ellen Spills the Tea


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Instagram: @naturalaccountant 


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Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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