Tacey Atkinson and Jeanne Collins on the Customers First Podcast

Living & Leading an All in Life with Jeanne Collins

Today joining Tacey in the Customer’s First Boardroom is Jeanne Collins, an award-winning interior designer and author of “Two Feet In-Lessons from an All in Life,” a book chronicling her journey to find inner peace and balance after being fired from her corporate job. Jeanne shares her experiences transitioning from a high-stress corporate job to pursuing her passion for interior design and writing. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, defining oneself beyond a job title, and prioritizing life-work balance. Jeanne also discusses the significance of trusting oneself, quieting negative inner dialogue, and leading by example to cultivate a positive organizational culture. Jeanne reveals that becoming a mother was a transformational experience that taught her how to emotionally connect with others, a skill she had to learn later in life and wants to help others learn. 


Jeanne’s plans include launching a lifestyle brand called the House of JerMar. It focuses on helping women and executives improve their lives through interior design, coaching, motivational speaking, and holistic wellness services. Jeanne’s emphasis on inner peace, self-improvement, and pursuing passions resonates as she encourages personal growth and well-being in organizations.


Throughout the conversation, Jeanne emphasizes the importance of finding inner peace over seeking happiness since one’s inner peace can sustain us despite life’s ups and downs. She encourages leaders to prioritize self-improvement and continuous learning and foster a culture of well-being and personal growth in organizations. Jeanne’s inspiring journey and insights highlight the transformative power of self-discovery, resilience, and pursuing one’s passions to create a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Her story showcases the power of resilience and self-discovery in creating a purpose-driven life.



0:06:49 Importance of Trusting Ourselves

0:09:24 Managing Inner Dialogue

0:11:25 Recognizing Negative Self-Talk

0:13:33 Skills for Personal Growth

0:15:26 Achieving Work-Life Balance


Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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