Tacey Atkinson and Summer Jelinek discuss Unlocking the Magic of Leadership on the Customers First Podcast

Unlocking the Magic of Leadership with Summer Jelinek

Joining Tacey on the Customer’s First Podcast is Summer Jelinek, a leadership expert and professional speaker who shares her journey and insights into effective leadership. She shares how her passion for leadership began on the playground, leading her to work at Walt Disney World and develop a program to help others find their unique leadership magic. Summer highlights the importance of understanding and managing oneself first as a leader, aligning with the organization’s purpose, galvanizing employees, inspiring oneself and others, and controlling chaos.

She introduces her book, “Unlocking the Magic of Leadership: Five Keys to Inspire Yourself, Empower Others, and Drive Extraordinary Results,” emphasizing the power of creating moments of magic in leadership.



0:08:41 The MAGIC Program Overview

0:11:08 Manage Yourself First – Self-Management Importance

0:11:14 Align Your Purpose – Connecting Purpose with Team

0:12:43 Galvanize Your Employees – Shock into Action

0:16:47 Inspire Yourself and Others – Importance of Self-Inspiration

0:17:16 Control Your Chaos – Balancing Leadership Strengths

0:18:39 Unlocking the Magic of Leadership – Book Introduction


Summer’s Contact Information:

Website: https://summerjelinek.com

The link to the book is here – https://a.co/d/hMIR1dO

The link to the free chapter is here – www.unlockingthemagicofleadership.com/myf

All social media platforms: @summerjelinek


Tacey’s Contact Information:

All social media platforms: @taceyatkinson


Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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