Tacey Atkinson and Pete Mohr on episode 146 of the Customers First Podcast

Your Promise is Not Your Mission or Vision with Pete Mohr

On today’s episode of the Customer’s First Podcast, Tacey’s guest is Pete Mohr, who shared his journey in entrepreneurship for over 30 years. Pete owns two footwear stores in Ontario (Shoetopia) and his Simplifying Entrepreneurship coaching business. He’s implementing the tools and frameworks he speaks to within his own businesses—it’s not just theory!

Pete emphasized the importance of having a well-defined promise, aligning processes to the promise, and empowering employees to make decisions based on the promise. He discussed the significance of effective communication, process management, and accountability in business growth. Pete also shared personal experiences, including using business structures to spend valuable time with his parents before they passed away. The conversation highlighted the need for continuous improvement in communication and processes in business to align with personal goals and create a better work-life balance.



0:06:02 The Five Ps of Business
0:08:53 Differentiating Promise from Vision and Mission
0:13:08 Developing and Communicating the Promise
0:18:50 Importance of Communication in Business
0:22:51 The Three Keys to Freedom: CPA
0:26:18 Align It, Assign It Framework
0:28:14 Moving from Operator to Owner: 10 Laws


Pete’s Contact Information:

Website: https://simplifyingentrepreneurship.com

LinkedIn: @petermohr

10 Laws for Moving from Operator to Owner


The Assign It Accountability Worksheet



Tacey’s Contact Information:

All of Tacey’s social media profiles are on the website as well.

Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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