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The Building Blocks of a Customer Experience Strategy

Episode 92 Revisited as The #1 Shared & Discussed of 2023

Join Tacey and her special guest, Author, Speaker and CEO of CX Journey Inc., Annette Franz, as they discuss “The Building Blocks of a Customer Experience Strategy.”

Annette has nearly three decades of experience inspiring and elevating organizations and teams. Between Annette and Tacey, this episode brings you over seven decades of experience building teams and organizations to become customer-centric.

Annette defines what customer-centric and employee-centric mean and how employee experience ultimately drives the customer experience. She also explains how we go about building and strengthening that connection.

Annette covers some of the building blocks needed to build a customer experience strategy and how customer understanding is vital. She also shares three ways to achieve that customer understanding.

Annette is also giving us a free assessment organizations can take to assess how customer-centric they currently are. The link to that will be below.



05:29: Defining Customer-Centric Culture

09:01: Customer Experience vs. Employee Experience

12:59: Building a Customer-Centric Organization: Foundational Elements

19:30: The Importance of Customer Understanding

22:10: Free Assessment for Assessing Customer-Centric Culture


Annette’s Contact Information:

Website: https://annettefranz.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annette-franz/

Free Assessment: https://annettefranz.com/assessment/



Tacey’s Contact Information: At the Bottom of Each Page


Thank you for tuning in, and Tacey looks forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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