Tacey Atkinson and Sheena Russell

Making a Difference One Bite at a Time with Sheena Russell

On this episode of the Customers First Podcast, we had a fascinating conversation with Sheena Russell, the founder and CEO of Made With Local. She shared her journey of creating a company focused on producing delicious and nourishing foods made from locally sourced ingredients. Sheena’s childhood in a food-focused and environmentally conscious family set the foundation for her passion for creating impact through her business. Starting with selling snack bars at farmer’s markets, Sheena’s company has now grown to retailers across Canada and into the U.S.

Sheena emphasized the importance of building a community around the brand and being transparent and vulnerable in storytelling to connect with customers. Made With Local is a B Corp Certified company that follows ethical and environmental practices in its operations. She discussed the significance of trust and transparency in building a successful brand.

The conversation delved into the decision-making process of sunsetting products, the inspiration behind launching granola bar mixes, and the innovative approach of showcasing seasonal ingredients in their products. Sheena also shared the adventurous story of delivering their products to the Cannes Lions Festival in France after a series of unexpected challenges.



6:02: Building a Community Brand
15:58: Tough Decisions and Sunsetting Products
22:53: Launching Granola Bar Mixes
27:25: Cannes Film Festival Adventure
33:40: Shaping Moments
Sheena’s Contact Information:
Social Media: @MadeWithLocal

Tacey’s Social Media: @taceyatkinson

Thank you for tuning in, and Tacey looks forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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