Tacey Atkinson and Dave Seaton

Customer Journey Mapping with Dave Seaton

On today’s episode of the Customer’s First Podcast, we were joined by Dave Seaton, the CEO and principal consultant at Seaton CX. Dave shared his journey into customer experience management, highlighting his success in reducing churn and winning awards.


He discussed the importance of customer journey mapping and unveiled his proprietary Dharma method, which consists of five steps: Define, Analyze, Research, Map, and Act. We delved into the differences between journey mapping and process mapping, emphasizing the need for customer insights and aligning mapping projects with strategic goals.

Dave stressed the significance of including customer personas, goals, actions, thoughts, emotions, and moments in journey maps to tell a compelling customer story. He also touched on additional elements like friction points, quantitative data, and opportunities for improvement. Moreover, Dave shared three common reasons for customer journey map failures: lack of customer insight, misalignment with strategic plans, and lack of actionable insights.



11:52: Importance of Customer Insights

14:44: Elements of Journey Maps

20:15: Additional Considerations for Journey Maps

24:43: Reasons for Journey Map Failures


Dave’s Contact Information:

Website: https://www.seatoncx.com

LinkedIn: @daveseaton


Tacey’s Social Media: @taceyatkinson

Thank you for tuning in, and Tacey looks forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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