Creating Your Word Story

Join Tacey and her Special Guest,

Facilitator & Certified Life Coach for Leaders, Angie Robinson.
Today’s Topic: Creating Your Word Story.

Angie and I discuss how we utilize choosing a word to guide us for the upcoming year and how it can impact every decision we make. The joys of looking back on a word story to see how it shaped your growth and development. It is a practice I strongly believe in, and Angie teaches the process with such care that you will want to join us and create your word story.

Timestamp: [01:50] Angie’s Story

Timestamp:[03:54] The Impact of this Practice

Timestamp: [06:01] 3 Questions to Start the Process

Timestamp:[14:49] Reflecting Back Monthly to Keep it Alive

Timestamp:[23:18] Angie’s Speed Round

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