Tacey Atkinson and Special Guest Barbara Khozam

“How Not To Deliver BAD Customer Experience” with Special Guest Barbara Khozam

Join Tacey and her special guest, Author, Trainer and Certified Speaking Professional, Barbara Khozam.


Today’s topic is: “How Not To Deliver BAD Customer Experience”


Barbara shares many nuggets of wisdom how to deliver the best experiences for your team and your customers because we both believe the culture examples start on the inside, at the top of the organization.

Timestamp: 01:43: Barbara’s Journey

Timestamp: 11:54: The Shift in Human Behaviour.

Timestamp: 18:26: Hiring the Wrong People Hurts a Company

Timestamp: 22:54: Complaints are a Gift, Embrace Them!



Barbara’s Contact Information


Website: https://barbarakhozam.com


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Free PDF – How to deal with difficult customers –  https://6ome8ke8.pages.infusionsoft.net



Tacey’s Contact Information, Website and Social Media Links are all on her LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/taceyatkinson



Thank you for tuning in, and I look forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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