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Giving a $#!+ with Neal Woodson

In this episode of the Customers First Podcast, Tacey Atkinson hosts Neal Woodson, a teacher, coach, author, and speaker dedicated to putting people first in business. Neal believes workplaces and customer spaces should focus on helping people succeed. With decades of experience in various industries, Neal has written over 500 blog posts and two books, including his latest release, Giving a $#!+: How A Willingness to Be Inconvenienced Can Transform Your Business, Work, and Life. In this book, he provides readers with a plan for making businesses more human.


Neal talks about the inspiration behind his book, “Giving a S#!+,” which stemmed from a conversation on a golf course about the importance of caring for others in customer-facing roles and within the organization. He delves into compassion and how it impacts individuals and businesses. Neal cites research and examples to support his claim that businesses must embody a compassionate enterprise. 


Neal emphasizes the significance of warmth and competence in human interactions and how businesses must effectively focus on both to build strong relationships with customers and colleagues. He also outlines strategies for instilling a service-first mindset within individuals and organizations. He highlights the importance of aligning to a service-focused message, leading by example, encouraging others, and infusing care into all delivery systems to create a culture centred on service and compassion.




04:25: The Story Behind “Giving a Shit”

06:18: Impact of Noticing and Compassion

11:18: The Importance of Delivery and Interaction

16:25: Setting the Stage for Change

25:39: Turning It Around


Neal’s Contact Information


LinkedIn & Instagram: @nealwoodson

Link to Bookhttps://nealwoodson.net/gas/


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Thank you for tuning in, and Tacey looks forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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