Tacey Atkinson and Rich Levene on the Customers First Podcast

Leadership Includes Trust, Hope, Humility & Empathy with Rich Levene

In this episode, Tacey is joined by the Founder of Dignity Leadership Consulting & Author of “You’re Doing It Wrong, Stop Managing & Start Leading,” Rich Levene. 

Rich discusses his journey from being a high producer to learning what true leadership is through his master’s program. He emphasizes the importance of trust, hope, humility, and empathy in leadership and how building a culture of leadership within a business involves everyone, not just those in formal leadership roles. Tune in to hear more about Rich’s rich insights and experiences in leadership and personal growth!


3:17: The Importance of Doing It Right
5:56: Leader vs. Manager Distinction
6:36: Leading People, Managing Things
9:48: Collaboration vs. Cooperation
10:05: Fostering a Collaborative Culture
17:26: Addressing Authoritarian Leadership
19:07: Creating a Culture of Leadership


Rich’s Contact Information:

Website: www.richardlevene.com

Instagram: @dignityleadership

LinkedIn: @richlevene

Link to Book: You’re Doing It Wrong


Tacey’s Contact Information: 

Social Media Links:   @taceyatkinson

Thank you for tuning in, and Tacey looks forward to having more valuable conversations together in the future.


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