Tacey Atkinson and Kat Newport

From Struggle to Strength: Smart Conflict Solutions with Kat Newport

In this episode, Kat Newport, an author, trainer and founder of Oculus, Inc., discusses her journey into conflict resolution and leadership evolution. She explains the importance of managing conflict and how it led her to write her book, “Smart Conflict.” Kat emphasizes the significance of conflict resolution in maintaining positive relationships and fostering innovation within organizations.

She delves into the connection between leadership skills, conflict resolution, and organizational growth potential, highlighting the need for training employees in conflict management. Kat shares common challenges people face in navigating conflicts and provides tips for proactive conflict prevention within and outside organizations.

Kat introduces the SMART conflict resolution strategy into five key components: Situation, Measure, Agenda, Relationship, and Time and Place. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the situation, managing emotions, setting agendas, focusing on relationships, and choosing the right time and place for conflict resolution.

Furthermore, Kat shares insights on handling conflicts at the moment when emotions are high, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues promptly to avoid escalation. She stresses the significance of empathetic leadership and creating a safe and inclusive work environment where emotions are acknowledged and valued.


4:36: Conflict in Customer-Centric Perspective
6:05: Leadership Skills and Conflict Resolution
8:13: Common Challenges in Conflict Navigation
10:26: Strategy for Smart Conflict Solutions
16:14: Handling Conflict in the Moment
18:52: Importance of Empathetic Leadership
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