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The Customers First Podcast, engaging in customer-centric conversations with industry experts from multiple business areas to discuss strategies to deliver Magical Customer Experiences.

“You’re a Leader, Now What? A Guide to the First 100 Days!”

Join Tacey and her special guest: Podcaster, Author & Leadership Coach, Casey Wooley as they discuss “You’re a Leader, Now What? A Guide to the …

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The Journey to College Navigated With Trust!

Join Tacey and her guest: Jennifer Schoen from Keys to College as they discuss how she helps families and students navigate through the college application …

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Creating Authentic Messaging That Sells!

Join Tacey and Customers First Regular: Amy Kehs Owner of Kehs Communication as they discuss “Creating Authentic Messaging That Sells” Timestamp: 12:34: Consistency Timestamp: 19:41: …

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