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Show Your Team Love Everyday!

You don’t need a day on a calendar to show your team love or appreciation. They trudge through the mundane day-to-day tasks that bring you ...
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Who is watching you?

Who is watching you? Yes, who is watching you? Not in a creepy way, just paying attention to your actions. Do you know the answer? ...
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What Puffins Taught Me About Leadership And Teamwork!

Follow me here. Puffins have some fantastic traits in handling relationships; if we applied those to business, our world would be significantly different. These birds ...
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Tacey Atkinson Customer Experience Blog

The Customer Experience Envelops These 4 Layers

When a customer walks away from interacting with your brand, you want them to think about the following four areas and how you made them ...
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Tacey Atkinson Customer Experience Blog


Different things motivate each of us. Do you know what motivates each member of your team? It is your job to build your relationship with ...
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Tacey Aktinson Customer Experience Blog

Standing Out From The Crowd

In today’s marketplace, there is bound to be someone else doing what you do. The one thing the competition can not replicate is how you ...
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