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The Customers First Podcast, engaging in customer-centric conversations with industry experts from multiple business areas to discuss strategies to deliver Magical Customer Experiences.

The Art of Authentic Messaging and Relationship Building through Experiences with Amy Kehs

Join Tacey and special guest, Customers First alum, PR  Expert Amy Kehs as they discuss The Art of Authentic Messaging and Relationship Building through Experiences. ...
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Building a Culture of Trust with special guest Doug Thorpe

Join Tacey and this week’s special guest on the Customers First Podcast, Doug Thorpe, an accomplished executive coach and business advisor, for today’s topic: “Building ...
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How One Word Can Help Shape Your 2024 with Special Guest Angie Robinson

I’m thrilled to share with you our latest episode of the Customer’s First Podcast, where we had the incredible opportunity to dive deep into the ...
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How High Performing Teams use Trust to Build Relationships with Special Guest Natalie Doyle Oldfield

Welcome back, Magic Makers, to the Customer’s First Podcast. I’m Tacey Atkinson, your host and customer experience curator.  In this episode, we welcomed Natalie Doyle-Oldfield, ...
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Making the Customer the Hero of the Story with Special Guest Joel Klettke

In this episode of the Customers First Podcast, your host, Tacey Atkinson, welcomes Joel Klettke to the boardroom. Joel is the Founder of Case Study ...
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Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture with Special Guest Eric Stone

On this episode of the Customers First Podcast, Tacey is joined by Eric Stone, founder of ClearPath Ventures and author of “Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture: ...
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“Effective Leadership Isn’t As Hard As We Think”, with Special Guest Dr. Andy Neillie

In this episode of the Customers First Podcast, Dr. Andy Neillie joins Tacey to discuss effective leadership qualities. We explore the distinction between managers and ...
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Storytelling Must Start on the Inside of Your Company First with special guest Ben Baker

Join Tacey and her special guest, author, podcaster and international speaker, Ben Baker, as they discuss today’s topic: “Storytelling Must Start on the Inside of ...
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“Using AI to Enhance Your Employee and Customer Experience,” with special Guest Jeff Sieh

Join Tacey and our special guest, Jeff Sieh. Jeff Sieh is an international speaker and visual marketing consultant specializing in Pinterest, Instagram, and video. He ...
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