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The Customers First Podcast, engaging in customer-centric conversations with industry experts from multiple business areas to discuss strategies to deliver Magical Customer Experiences.

Tacey Atkinson and Dave Seaton

Customer Journey Mapping with Dave Seaton

On today’s episode of the Customer’s First Podcast, we were joined by Dave Seaton, the CEO and principal consultant at Seaton CX. Dave shared his ...
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Tacey Atkinson and Rich Levene on the Customers First Podcast

Leadership Includes Trust, Hope, Humility & Empathy with Rich Levene

In this episode, Tacey is joined by the Founder of Dignity Leadership Consulting & Author of “You’re Doing It Wrong, Stop Managing & Start Leading,” ...
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Tacey Atkinson and Kat Newport

From Struggle to Strength: Smart Conflict Solutions with Kat Newport

In this episode, Kat Newport, an author, trainer and founder of Oculus, Inc., discusses her journey into conflict resolution and leadership evolution. She explains the ...
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Tacey Atkinson and Neal Woodson on the Customers First Podcast

Giving a $#!+ with Neal Woodson

In this episode of the Customers First Podcast, Tacey Atkinson hosts Neal Woodson, a teacher, coach, author, and speaker dedicated to putting people first in ...
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Tacey Atkinson and the Customers First Podcast

The Building Blocks of a Customer Experience Strategy

Episode 92 Revisited as The #1 Shared & Discussed of 2023 Join Tacey and her special guest, Author, Speaker and CEO of CX Journey Inc., ...
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Tacey Atkinson and Pete Mohr on episode 146 of the Customers First Podcast

Your Promise is Not Your Mission or Vision with Pete Mohr

On today’s episode of the Customer’s First Podcast, Tacey’s guest is Pete Mohr, who shared his journey in entrepreneurship for over 30 years. Pete owns ...
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Tacey Atkinson and Laurie Barkman

The Value of Succession & Exit Strategies with Laurie Barkman

In this episode of the Customer’s First Podcast, host Tacey Atkinson interviews Laurie Barkman, a business transition and acquisition expert. As a mergers and acquisitions ...
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Tacey Atkinson and Summer Jelinek discuss Unlocking the Magic of Leadership on the Customers First Podcast

Unlocking the Magic of Leadership with Summer Jelinek

Joining Tacey on the Customer’s First Podcast is Summer Jelinek, a leadership expert and professional speaker who shares her journey and insights into effective leadership. ...
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Tacey Atkinson and Jeanne Collins on the Customers First Podcast

Living & Leading an All in Life with Jeanne Collins

Today joining Tacey in the Customer’s First Boardroom is Jeanne Collins, an award-winning interior designer and author of “Two Feet In-Lessons from an All in ...
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